Peter Wabbit Children’s Photography
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You may have questions, we have your answer.

I lost my proofs.  How do I order my pictures?

You can order your pictures buy visiting our on-line store. HERE. IF you do not have your child’s

unique school code; your director will have that information.  Shipping charges apply for on-line


Why can’t I split packages with different poses?

We have a processing procedure that will not allow for split packages.  Parents that do ask

generally are interested in additional savings; we understand.  We have kids too!  Compared to

public school pictures prices, our prices are usually less.  Of course, school pictures cannot be

compared to a promotional portrait offer at a discount store.  Those offers are designed to lure you

into their studio and then hit you with a high price package.   We prefer our way.

My child will no longer be attending when the

finished pictures are sent to the school. 

What should I do?

Place your order on-line HERE.  Your items will be shipped directly to your home.  Shipping charges


My school hasn’t received our finished pictures yet. 

What is the delay?

We are extremely sensitive to our deadlines and promised dates but unfortunately some parents

are not.  It is possible that your school was unable to return the orders to us in a timely fashion. 

Ask your teacher or director if they have been mailed back to our studio.

I need to receive my order sooner than the 2-4 weeks.  What should I do?

Place your order on-line.  These orders are fulfilled within 24 hours and ship directly to your home. 

Shipping charges apply.

Can I place my order after the due date on my proofs?

Yes, but special pricing will no longer be available after the due date.  Shipping charges apply.

How do I obtain an extra proof order form?

We understand that some parents order separately, if you are the parent that did not receive a

proof order form please order on-line.  Ask your school director for your school’s unique pass code

and find your school’s pictures HERE.

Do you offer discounted packages for parents with more

than one child?

Yes,  If you purchase the ULTIMATE PACKAGE we have a multiple package offer on the back of your

order form.